Learn how to show up and perform your best
every day

The BQ, behavioral quotient, is fueled by your thoughts, which turn into
feelings, which dictate your actions, and result in your performance.

How You Think

Mental mindset and preparedness fuel your BQ score. How you think determines how you feel, which determines how you act, and how you perform.

How You Feel

How we think determines how we feel. If you let negative thoughts stay in your mind too long, they start to alter your emotions.

How You Act

Your mental mindset fuels your emotional state which sets you up for how you act. Action is everything in a sales and sales management role.

How You Perform

Your performance is the outcome of your actions. Low performance is typically a result of not doing the work required to succeed.

Meet Mary Grothe, the CEO of Sales BQ

Mary Grothe is a former #1 MidMarket B2B SaaS Sales Rep who after selling millions in revenue and breaking multiple records, formed Sales BQ®, a firm of fractional VPs of Sales who serve companies across the nation with one driving goal: profitably rebuilding their sales departments to grow their revenue by focusing on BQ, the behavioral quotient.